IMPORTANT MESSAGE RE COVID-19 We have taken extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Extra hygiene procedures and limited shop hours are in effect. All deliveries are capped at 8€ and as contactless as possible. Orders over 30€ are delivered free to your door. Click here to see our delivery conditions.

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bttr. is Back to the Roots.

Founded in Berlin in 2019 with the mission
to create better juice in Berlin.

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Getting back to your roots and realising that you are what you eat is at the center of this business. The Muse behind this is the founder's Grandma Katherina who started juicing the classic ABC (Apple Beet Carrot) in 1941 when she was 24- and yes, she’s still kickin’.

If we have piqued your interested, come to our shop in Kreuzberg or shoot us an email for caterings and events.


Dresdener Strasse 18
10999 Berlin

TUE-SAT 12-18

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