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The bttr. Team


Janne & Oma

Getting back to your roots and realising that you are what you eat is at the center of this business. This includes looking toward the future, being responsible with resources and investing in the planet we have. 

The Muse behind this enterprise on Dresdener Strasse in Berlin is the founders Grandma Katherina who started juicing the classic ABC (Apple Beet Carrot) in 1932 when she was 15- and yes, she’s still kickin’. She has led a full life, filled with experiences and learnt from a young age to be fruitful and make something out of nothing. Her skill and talent to turn an empty fridge into a 3 course meal is astounding- and of course the fresh juice was never missing. 

The relationship to fresh food was passed on from the start to Janne, the bttr. founder. Treating illnesses the natural way, and finding the root cause of lung cramps or an ear infection taught her that nurturing your body in times of disease often has a better result than superficially treating symptoms with pills. 

This way of thinking is reflected in the packaging- old milks bottles meet new content, antique metal doors create a modern kitchen space which invites the customer to get back to the roots, back to what matters. 

Old knowledge is re packaged into new concepts, adaptogenic knowledge that is thousands of years old is combined with a new way of combining flavours and aiding the bodys capability to heal long term. 


Katharina on her 100th Birthday in 2017

 bttr. als Geschäftskonzept ist eng mit dem Leitsatz verbunden den die Gründerin von Klein-auf von ihrer Großmutter gesagt bekommen hat: 

“Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen” 

Diese Muse hinter dem Geschäft ist im Dezember 2019 103 Jahre alt geworden, und hat ein ereignisreiches Leben hinter sich wie es für diese Generation üblich war. 

Die Gabe, einen praktisch leerstehenden Kühlschrank in ein 3 Gänge Menü zu verwandeln, war beeindrucken- der frisch gepresste Saft hat dabei nie fehlen dürfen. 

Die Beziehung zu gesundem Essen, und der Wichtigkeit der Nährstoffe mit der wir uns ernähren waren damals wie heute von großer Bedeutung, Krankheiten wurden damit vorgebeut das man präventiv handelt, und nicht wie heute üblich, die Dinge mit Tabletten behandelt. 

Frische Karotte gegen Magen Darm, Fenchel bei Atemwegserkrankungen und Rote Beete bei Schwäche und Blutverlust- dieses Wissen eignete sich die Gründerin über ihre Großmutter bereits während der Schulzeit an. 

Daraus entstand bttr. - zurück zum Wesentlichen, dem Basischen, einen Platz zu schaffen um wirkungsvollen Zutaten den Raum zu geben damit Heilkräuter in der Modernen Welt wieder ernst genommen werden. 

Diese Thematik spiegelt sich im Shop wieder, die alten Türen des Naturkundemuseums bilden den Bereich unserer Gläsernen Küche, aus Alt wird Neu. 

Altes Wissen wird in den Rezepturen der Säfte und Mylchs neu verpackt, schmackhaft gemacht und ein Erlebnis.


the bttr. shop is incredibly lucky to have this hard-working crew on board:



Scarlett originally hails from the land of Bangers n' Mash and joined the bttr. Team in 2019. 
Before living in Berlin she got back to her roots living in New Zealand, Australia and Bali being truly surround by Mother Earth.
Favourite juices are No 3 and No 8.

Her infectious cackle and positive energy can be felt in all corners of the shop. 


Sascha wears the brightest Tshirts and lives for ginger shots and anything spicy in life. He will be serving the best 80s and 90s vibes!! 

He has been calling Berlin his home since 2008 and his favourite juices are the fruity No 6 and No 12 with fresh chilli. 

His get up and go attitude is pretty inspiring. 


Kate made her way from the countryside of Ireland to the streets of Berlin and discovered the world of juice. She joined bttr. in 2020.
Where you can usually find her in Berlin is climbing in Berta Block, browsing the shelves of second hand bookstores and swimming down at Plötzensee. She is a kundalini yoga fan, drinks cacao as a daily ritual and is always down for a boogie!
She loves any juice with tons of ginger and turmeric in it, her favourite juices are No 4 and No 5.1.

Her adaptogenic latte recipes can be found on our website for you to enjoy at home! 


Anne is our “true” Berliner employee who may fool you with her British accent which she picked up during her time in London.
She enjoys making mushroomy milky concoctions at bttr. that sharpen the senses and the mind.

Her favourite season is S P R I N G and the metabolism boosting Aloe Vera / Pineapple juice (No 9 ) 

With a fine taste for all things tea and meditation you can get to know her better on our Monday Meditations on our IG channel.