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bttr. is Back to the Roots. Founded in Berlin in 2019 with the mission to create better juice in Berlin. 

Pressed on a hydraulic cold press in our glass kitchen we have these simple core values: 

  1. Organic produce. Sourced responsibly and prepared fresh
  2. Original recipes, which carry numerous benefits within the body whilst being delicious
  3. No HPP (High pressure processing) or any other method of preservation - we believe that fresh means fresh. 
  4. Transparency. From where the produce is from, to the cash-free payment principle, and our production space. 


Why juice? 

Providing the body with trace minerals, live enzymes and vitamins available in unpasteurised juice allows balance back into busy lives. Unfortunately modern day diets and depleted soils determine the total vitamin and mineral content often below what is actually required for our bodies to function normally. Chemical replacements in the form of supplements are hardly ever absorbed by the body, which is why natural fruit and vegetable juices are an easy way to benefit your body in a wholesome way. 


Get bttr. 

Getting back to your roots and realising that you are what you eat is at the center of this business. This includes looking toward the future, being responsible with resources and investing in the planet we have. We donate a small sum of our profits every month to NGO’s or local charities because we believe that this is what social responsibility comes down to. 

Our entire product range is filled into glass bottles because we should have said no to plastic long ago. This includes our complete Adaptogen range. 

We produce small amounts of juice, daily, fresh and with passion. 

The Muse behind this enterprise on Dresdener Strasse in Berlin is the founders Grandma Katherina who started juicing the classic ABC (Apple Beet Carrot) in 1932 when she was 15- and yes, she’s still kickin’. 

At bttr. you can enjoy our seasonal menu year round. Our juices and shots are a great way to get a dose of vitamins and enzymes into your system when the Berlin winter has come around.

If you are craving something uniquely different, try our homemade nut and seed mylks steamed to perfection on our modbar. We have delicious chai, golden mylk, raw hot chocolates and more- all dairy free 🐮.

For wholesale enquiries of mylks please send us an email to 

If we have piqued your interest, come to our shop in Kreuzberg or shoot us an email for caterings and events.