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Hormonal Balancing Blend

An alchemical blend of shatavari root, a potent elixir known for its female reproductive benefits and as an aphrodisiac, combined with He Shou Wu regarded as a ‘youthful tonic’ provides full body rejuvenation and a calming effect on the nervous system (good for those suffering from anxiety or close to burn out) with the heart opening and grounding effects of rose.



1 tsp of Shatavari

1 tsp of He Shou Wu

1 tsp of Rose powder (optional)

1 tsp of coconut butter

2 tsp of coconut sugar

10 ml ginger

½ cup of plant based milk

4-5 drops rose water



Add all the ingredients, except the rose water into a saucepan on a low heat on the stove.

Whisk until smooth and when it’s warm pour into a cup and add your drops of rose water.

Sit down somewhere comfortable and drink slowly.