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Congratulations on doing something amazing for your health karma! 

Start your cleanse here.

Some information about the cleanse experience: 

A cleanse is ideal to relive your body of exerting energy for digesting food.

You are flushing your system with live minerals, enzymes and vitamins with each 500ml bottle which contains 2.5-3kg of fresh produce. 

Designed to be a 70:30 ratio of veg to fruit for optimum nutrition.

Drink the juices in the order you prefer upon waking, then in 2 hour intervals. Remember to also drink plenty of water and/or herbal tea, to aid the release of toxins from your system. 

The nutmilk is best enjoyed in the evening, to provide your body with protein and prevent the hunger feeling. Can be heated, not boiled! 

Ideally abstain from smoking or consuming caffeine, as these toxins will affect your organism during this process much more negatively. 

Take some time to listen to your body, and figure out what feels right- yoga, walks and the sauna would all complement a cleanse treatment ideally. 

Following your cleanse start eating light, mostly plant based food to reintroduce solid nutrition into your system.