Why you shouldn't believe in biodegradable plastic claims

Plastic packaging has become the epitome of the take-away culture. Plastic straws, lids, forks, spoons, wrapping - wherever you look the convenience of taking away food or drinks on the go has stripped us of our conscious decision making skills. When I opened bttr. one of the main priorities was to create as little waste as possible. This included the packaging for our products, and although glass is far more expensive and limits our shipping capacity I felt it was the right choice given the environmental concerns that are only growing louder. Plastic was first invented in 1869 in America, as a substitute for ivory. Synthetic polymers since then have dominated our society, especially since WW II. Natural polymers like...

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This is going to be a place for Janne to vent. Updated whenever she feels like it.  For now:  BUY JUICE. DRINK JUICE. CLEANSE YOUR CHAKRAS. #stayjuicy

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